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An imbalanced diet, overwork, busy life as well as irregular sleeping could not only do harm to your health, but also damage your skin. The buildup of toxins in the body can lead to various kinds of skin problems.

Detoxing your skin is one basic solution to help your skin recover some of that health and vigor you used to see in the mirror.

Here are some tips to help you rebuild natural beauty.

Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

You should drink a glass of warm water as soon as you get up in the morning and before you start preparing your breakfast. This can kick-start your system and help your body to expel natural wastes — and prevent constipation. According to one survey, everyone needs 1500-2000c.c.of water each and every day to drain away the bodies wastes. So make sure to drink enough water which will help you to detox your skin.

Sweat for 10-30 minutes one day

Sweating is the quickest way to rid the body of toxins, no matter how you achieve it — by exercising, bathing or laboring. You can actually get a quick idea of how healthy your body is by the smell and viscosity of your sweat.

Try to reduce your time wearing makeup

This point is particularly important to those who use makeup every day. Obviously the best choice is that you don’t wear makeup at all, but that’s just not practical for some. So see if you can manage it for two or three days every week. If you just can’t do this, try to reduce the variety of cosmetics that you use and how much you apply. And then remove it all thoroughly as soon as you can. Never go to sleep wearing makeup.

Meditate two times a week

I know, crazy hippy stuff, right? But meditation can help your body and mind relax which will not only reduce the effects that your emotions cause to health, but can also help to detox your skin and whole body. Just keep in mind not to try meditating within one hour after meals, and keep warm while doing so.

Keep a healthy diet

What you eat most definitely determines your outward appearance. If you have eaten too much junk food, your body becomes an overloaded waste treatment plant. The energy which should have been used to repair your body has to be wasted in breaking down the junk food. As a result, your skin will look bleak and yellow. Eating more yoghurt, deep-sea fish, cereals, olive oil as well as fruit vinegar will do great things for your skin. Eating healthy will also help you avoid breakouts.

Neutralize your emotions

Just cry when you feel sad, it’s not only OK, it’s extremely good for you. Depression wreaks havoc on the body, and long-term depression may even put you at the risk of getting certain cancers. So whenever you feel depressed, gloomy or sad, go outside and enjoy the sunshine until your heart is once again filled with warmth. Bottled-up emotions can lead to more stress and frustration which will damage your skin, so let it out.