Not Just Skin Deep

Not Just Skin Deep

As any anatomy student will confirm, beauty is not just skin deep.

I think there’s a joke in there somewhere just trying to get out. But I’ll leave it at that :-)

But of course bone structure and alignment are actually at the core of what we consider modern beauty. Which itself is a moving target – what’s considered healthy and beautiful today is definitely not the same as that we considered healthy a hundred years ago!

Not just because our knowledge and understanding has changed. But also because tastes and fashions change too.

Those ‘fashions’ dictate at the very core how we desire to look.

And that means everything from what we consider ‘fat’ to even theĀ  very color of our skins. Look at reviews of the Meladerm cream for example. That’s not a product we would have been looking for or even making just 50 years ago.


But this kind of whitening skin cream product has now become very popular, particularly amongst ethnicities with naturally darker skin who are looking for a mild to moderate lightening effect, to change appearance and tone of their natural skin color.

It’s interesting that these products also have many other uses, you can even use it as an armpit whitening cream. Which doesn’t seem to be something men would ever use themselves, but women are actively seeking out ways to whiten the skin in their armpit areas.

Such fashions change – as lighter skinned people attempt to tan themselves darker, and vice versa.